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2006 Well 1

An artistic interpretation of the 2006 version of Well, faithfully and accurately strung together by

Well used to look a whole lot different.
It had elevators, it was night time, and the spawn rooms used a whole different art style. Well (heh), after my last video, I thought "Hey, I made a version of the map with the elevator, I made a version of the map set at night, why don't I go the whole way?"

This version of well uses the night time aesthetic, including the original night skybox from the Postal III leak (June 2007 TF2,) the original June 2007 Well layout, the elevators left over in the game files, and the old spytech-styled spawnrooms that are left over in the meet the heavy sfm map!

Other than that, I've updated the map so that the points actually use their final names (localized, too!) and have added in the Pre-Fortress 2 control points. Pick up your copy today and see how well could have been!

One thing to note, loading into this map and then loading into final well (or any map that uses well's skybox particles) may potentially result in said particles becoming oddly shaped. This is a potential result of the map using the old Postal 3 particle textures. I didn't go through the effort of creating entirely new particle systems to fix this issue because uhhh I didn't want to. The map *should* work in any tf2 mod that has a functional control point gamemode (including tf2c, pf2, etc.)

One last thing, as a reminder, I do NOT give implicit permission to reupload my mods. This includes places like moddb, gamebanana, or the steam workshop. Obviously, redistribution by having it on your tf2 server (or related mod server, anything via fastdl) is fine, just don't go reuploading it to download sites without credit.
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