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Nobleford B1

This place used to produce the best Ushankas...

Nobleford is an in-development KOTH map with a focus on flanking, positioning, and movement. It has plenty of airspace for rocket-jumping, a nice under area that extends to several flank routes, and plenty of cover for Medics to build their ubers.


HEADS UP: This map is still in the Alpha stage. If there is anything you see wrong with the map, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it!
Person Meetup
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Change Log for Beta 1

    +New spawn room *Rebuilt flooring *Reduced "Bath" shutter entrance depth from 64HU to 32HU *Pulled stairs to "Bath" back 64HU +Many numerous undocumented changes!
  2. Change Log for Alpha 12

    +Added "corn sign" to battlements +Adjusted battlements fencing +Revamped spawnrooms and top exit +Added an info_observer_point to prevent server lockups *Raised mid/under floor level *Shrunk the whole map further *Fence brushes have been...
  3. Change Log for Alpha 11

    +Moved "House" closer towards point +Re-added cover on mid +Introduced a new exit for spawnrooms, as well as shrinking them +Adjusted Under stairs +Added pole to Under +Added several brushes to counter problematic sightlines +Added a skybox and...