koth_breakingpoint_a1 2017-08-08

King of the hill with jump pads on a natural bridge.

  1. Red Robot
    I followed the link in the thread but I think I still managed to put this in the wrong place :(

    Nearly hit my own breaking point putting this together. Was planned for 5cp, then scaled back to 3cp, then very rapidly to koth. Luckily I never got to the "detail map" or "arena" stage but it was close. I ran into a bunch of nasty and confusing bugs that nearly made me miss the deadline. It's possible this map is loaded with leaks or it's not packed properly or whatever but I've given it my best attempt to get it ready in time.

    I've wanted to make a map with a dominant land bridge for a while, but I was worried about balance issues from the height advantage. The jump pads are my solution, but I feel they introduce more problems than they solve. Heavies can stay revved up on them, difficult to hit with explosives and snipers can jump peek over the land bridge while charging scoping and firing without pause. I want to change the jump pad so it only activates when you jump, meaning that snipers and heavies (who can't spin up/scope + jump manually) won't be able to abuse it so much.

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