"Hazy Days" Poster Collection

Summer is here! And so are the heatwaves! Lets just hope it doesnt make things too blurry!

  1. Dr. Maxxis
    Here it is! A complete set of absolute Shi- Shiny Posters!?

    I spent waaaaay too much Time on this.... Hoping that this lands showcase.

    Anyway, Here's a complete list of the posters in Class Order!

    All art was done by Me
    • Iron Sights

    • 5AM Hiatus
    • Demonic Doodles
    • Catch Up
    Catch Up.png
    • He's In the HOUSE!
    In the HOUSE!.png
    • Texan Throw Down
    Texan Throw Down.png
    • Rocket Pop
    Rocket Pop.png
    • Dust Off
    Dust Off.png
    • Billycock