72 hour jam

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  1. le milk

    an tf2 poster i made for the 72 hour clock jam 2017-08-07

    feed back would be much appreciated. i know i suck at sfm but i think i'm getting the hang of it now.
  2. Monsterrabbi654

    Misfortune at Mannhatan 2017-08-07

    This is a book I wrote for TF2 72 Hour Jam. I don't know how badly the .pdf formatting is altered for you, but for me its 17 pages. If you can't download it, I have an online version here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hg3iMm0I2pbyLwJhhrZAtuDWFfzrvXGDlZP_bipWS20/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy...
  3. Byeahma

    Love, Pyro (Digital art) 2017-08-06

    This is a digital painting of a Pyro and Balloonicorn I made for my first 72-hour jam! (created using the Procreate app and iPad/iPencil)
  4. The Croc™

    Australium SMG 2017-08-06

    A secondary made of pure cheese, as people call it. A 2 day build for the Summer Jam!
  5. The Croc™

    Australium SMG 2017-08-06

    A secondary made of pure cheese, as people call it. A 2 day build for the Summer Jam!
  6. Beetman

    The Assassin 2017-08-06

    "Have a plan to kill everyone you meet." -Fallen Foe
  7. Theionkid

    Scootball 1.2

    play soccer with the classes- midieval mode soldier support engie rocket leeague :p I'm still new to hammer and getting used to it, but I like how this turned out
  8. Shrimp

    pl_collapse_a1 2017-08-06

    A 3cp payload map made for the 72 hour map jam. Featuring a variety of areas to fight through, and a giant grinder thing embedded in a wall. Thanks to shku: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013471611/ for helping out with bug fixing, and to a boojum snark for his ABS pack.
  9. pride

    ultiduo_iris_final 2017-08-06

    Here's my first attempt at making a full-fledged map with little to no mapping experience. I decided to do an ultiduo map because many people suggested it, as well, ultiduo maps are usually very small and easy to develop. I think for one of my first attempts that I did pretty good even with a...
  10. Scampi

    3D-Printable Jimijam Medals! 2017-08-06

  11. strafe

    koth_field a1

    Hi all! This year I had a lot less time than last year. First I wanted to recreate the office building I work in, but with alterations so the gameplay is actually tolerable; it was a huge pain in the ass so I ended up scrapping it. I still wanted to make a map, so learning from last year I...
  12. Sage J. Fox

    Half-Life 2 Themed Pack v1

    It seems that somewhere between the Badlands and City 17, there was a bit of a teleporter mixup! The zip file contains a vpk file for your custom folder that includes normal and Halloween replacements for the small healthkit. Yes, just the small sadly, wanted to make more for the Jam but real...
  13. vocey

    Dead Fortress 2017-08-06

    Our first Jam entry, this poster was made in Gmod by me "vocey" from posing, details and arrangement. while post editing from lights, hud and other enhancements were made in Photoshop by "Sangan".
  14. BloodwingTitan

    Battle on Badlands 2017-08-06

    So Here's my entry to the 72Hour TF2 Jam, To be honest, kinda had a struggle with this, But happy on how it came out, My computer had a struggle to render and run while making this, but i finally did it.
  15. DJ Coastal Shpee

    koth_ArabianNights 2017-08-06

    Hey there everyone! This is my first 72 hr jam and submission. This is one of my first maps i have ever made for tf2 or any contest I hope you Like it.
  16. Krycer [~TSP~]

    koth_tunnelduct a8

    My first ever (playeable) TF2 map - koth_tunnelduct, obviously inspired by koth_viaduct, done with the help of amazing tutorials from UEAKCrash! I tried tackling an interesting design with semi-hidden side tunnels that would lead to cover.
  17. Elia

    Koth Nightfall rontline theme V1.3

    This is the first version of my customized map entry. I really like the map Nightfall; But i always had the feeling that the second world off the map could be a Koth or ctf. So i started making it into a koth map. The map had some really old props ( I am looking at you 2fort crates). So i...
  18. Bluemario2

    Dev textures with more HU measurements 2017-08-07

    These dev texture measurements have more lines on them, to help with smaller HUs; They go down to 2HU, and come in multiple versions. So far I only have Red and Blue, but I might have more later on.
  19. eskeT

    A Short Essay About my History with TF2

    Team Fortress 2 has meant a lot to me over the last four years that I have played it. It has been there through so many events in my life as I have grown into a teenager and gone through some tumultuous times. It has kept me company through lonely, quiet days where it felt like I was alone in...
  20. Fish Duck

    Fat Rambo 2017-08-06

    Made in SFM and Photoshop CS6