Perfect Landing 2017-08-07

SFM; Frontline

  1. Teleportato

    "Aw, now ya don't look like a happy camper."

    Frontline themed SFM done in blackvoid.

    Honestly, for the 1st 24 hours I had no idea what I was doing (probably should have planned ahead but whatever). Luckily I had a friend doing a frontline map suggested something involving a bombing run, but then I decided to drop people instead of bombs for some reason. Probably was a mistake on my part since bombs are way cooler than people.

    Anyways, decided to edit in some WIP photos and a pseudo commentary/changelog


    Airdrop_b1: This was basically for getting a basic idea of what I wanted to composition to be like


    Airdrop_b2: Basic posing for the main characters, as you probably notice I basically redid the Scout and Soldier due to the poses at the time not setting right (mainly the ammo crate blocks the majority of Scout's face and Soldier's shotgun looks a bit off-aim). Also, I added some more things to the background.


    Airdrop_b3: Redone poses, but Scout is still quite a bit off. As someone described looking at it, it looked like the Scout was trying to eat none-existant chicken. Which could have been funny but could have drawn too much focus away from the Soldier. Also, the flying machines disappeared


    Airdrop_b4: Flying machines are back, but now have moved a little bit. Though for some reason the planes look a bit wonky. Oh yeah, Demo and Heavy have poses now too.


    Airdrop_b5: Basic lighting, nothing to see here (I mean you can't see some things since I forgot rim lights for some reason but whatever)


    Airdrop_f3: Skipping a few versions because they were mostly lighting changes. Decided to go with a more yellow and blue lighting instead of red and purple to match the skybox more (which I change back to a red and purple in Photoshop anyway for some reason). Also, we got volumetric making things look a bit nicer. Might be a bit too powerful but I can fix it in photoshop. Also, I added more things to the background to make the ground look less flat and like a spawned in 150 mud floor textures (which I did as well, and SFM didn't like that). Most issues with previous versions were fixed here and I added holstered items to the main characters.

    Could have definitely added more stuff like a full paint over and particle effects for planes flying above and the tank idly spewing fumes into the sky, but I'm still happy how this turned out. Who knows, maybe I'll revisit it someday.
    However, SFM probably won't like me too since it was really chugging at the end.

    EDIT: Didn't have time to throw this in before the time limit, but here are the items I used in SFM. If you see something that I forgot for some reason (took the list from SFM plus the external assets), let me know and I'll add it in.

    Rebecca "Rebbacus" Pursley & Maxime "MaxOfS2D" Lebled
    Enhanced Scout

    Game Zombie
    High Poly Weapons

    Enhanced TF2 Pistol

    Skycard & Skydome Pack

    The Enhanced Demoman Model 2014
    The Enhanced Soldier V3
    The Enhanced Engineer

    Enhanced Heavy

    Wall / floor pack

    Practical Problems
    Team Fortress 2 Invasion Assets (thought I would just link to the website with all of the credits+pack there)
    Frontline Assets

    The War Torn Wear (downloaded via
    The Broken Rank (downloaded via

    Ridiculously High-Polygon Grass (downloaded via SFMLab)

    If you want all of the renders I've done in full size for some reason, here is an Imgur album:

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    Version: 2017-08-07
    Love the lighting
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    Version: 2017-08-07
    Looks really nice!