Conquistador Fried Giblet Tramp 2017-08-07

Source Filmmaker and digital painting make sweet love once more, but in a deep fryer. Cluck cluck.

  1. uberchain

    Ever wanted to experience the carnal pleasures of both chicken and copulation at the same time? Come on down to Conquistador's Fried Giblets, where we serve the best parts of a well-stuffed hen (well, all the parts of it), deep fry that sucker, and serve it up in a bucket or two.

    Who's the other bucket for? Why, one is for you, and the other one is for that somebody waiting next to you at the counter that you'll want to get down and experience copulation with. (And the chicken too. Don't forget about our chicken!)

    Custom Resources Used:

    Fried Chicken Tramp retextures by Scurvy Orange
    Miss Pauling by crazyb2000
    Gray Mann (Apron) by Rebbacus
    Female Civilian (Hair) by Maxxy
    Female Scout (Shorts) by Plasmid
    Various clothes from various game rips

Recent Reviews

  1. the_rad
    Version: 2017-08-07
    the overpaint looks very odd, looks like that you just put a photoshop filter on it
    1. uberchain
      Author's Response
      It's indeed several filters, it's Surface Blur and Posterize plus a slight threshold to mimic the compressed look of some of Valve's main menu character renders. In retrospect, it does look a little sharp and patchy in comparison.
  2. SourceNick
    Version: 2017-08-07
    why are you so talented what the heck