ultiduo_iris_final 2017-08-06

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ultiduo_iris_final 2017-08-06

An epic ultiduo map I made for the 72jam.

iris4.jpg iris5.jpg
Here's my first attempt at making a full-fledged map with little to no mapping experience. I decided to do an ultiduo map because many people suggested it, as well, ultiduo maps are usually very small and easy to develop.

I think for one of my first attempts that I did pretty good even with a time limit. While it still does have a lot of faults, if I'm still motivated, I will be continuing to update the map after the jam.

Thanks to;
  • UEAKCRASH's mapping tutorials, which I looked back upon many times when I was confused on certain aspects of the map.
  • Boojum Snark's mapping resource pack, where I took the base control point logic from.
  • The Valve Developer Wiki, which I also referenced to see enviromental lighting settings and how many things work.
  • Nick, Crocket, Zike1017, Kaptain, Reero, Pissy, Superchuck, Klowwd, and Generic for suggestions and or play-testing.
  • And another thanks to Nick again for the thumbnail and other screenshots of the map.
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