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zythe_umc17 a5

oh no! red is dumping toxic waste into the ocean!!! and blue team totally cares enough to stop red!

red team is dumping toxic chemicals into the ocean and blue team is not having it! they plan to destroy reds main turbine by blowing it up! despite blue doing the exact same thing........
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CTF

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Latest updates

  1. a5 - update

    Whats New? added some arrows for navigation added a forward spawn! flag now spawns on A after A was captured added some wooden boards going up from the beach route to give it more use made the full healthpack on the beachroute a medium instead...
  2. a4 - update

    whats new? stuff i dont remember i forgor to write shit down
  3. a3a - fix

    what was fixed? leezo cutout not starting disabled