zahndo a4

brought back from the grave

  1. Nixon
    Remember this?

    Probably not, there are a lot of maps, but that's not the point!
    The point is, is that Zahndah, at his wits end, orphaned the map and released the vmf to the public:

    I randomly came across this thread and thought, eh why not.
    (I don't have much to do these days)
    And so i picked it up, simplified geometry, changed the skybox, added a few items, changed and added some geometry, and finished remaking the last point and now present to you, Zahndo (Zhanda Orphaned, get it?).
    Custom skybox right here:

    20170210153212_1.jpg 20170210153221_1.jpg 20170210153233_1.jpg 20170210153243_1.jpg 20170210153256_1.jpg 20170210153329_1.jpg 20170210153354_1.jpg 20170210153426_1.jpg