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    I feel as if this map is okay, its not terrible I don't think but it certainly isn't that good either.
    A payload map I made a bit ago, most recent played version is a4a, and so was the vmf (but you will need to change it to a5, alongside probably changing the name of the map)

    With the a4a vmf i was remaking the last point to be much the same but rotated 90*c (except the whole thing is deleted pretty much) and moving blu's 2nd forward spawn back (not at all done). Amongst other stuff that may still exist on the feedback page if you look for it.

    Its of note that i was experiencing trouble with areaportals, in that they would crash the server on occasion. To fix that you need to remake the areaportal, but i have no idea what messes up the areaportals in the firstplace.

    The old development thread is here - with screenshots.

    I'm happy for anyone to take this on, I'm not going to be.

    Have fun.

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    i have no idea what the hell you did, but when i ran this thing it was a leaking, wall less hell, with missing ground and leaks in every doorway!
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    I might pick this up