Medieval Ye Olde Harveste v4

Basicly, it's Harvest, but in medieval.

  1. who needs v3 anyway

    - changed middle building
    - opened up some space in team buildings
    - visual stuff
    - idk since i've been working on this very slowly for a long time

    20171208163047_2.jpg 20171208163112_2.jpg 20171208163118_1.jpg 20171208163135_2.jpg 20171208163145_2.jpg 20171208163218_1.jpg
  2. I'm really sorry, but this is all I can do for you right now!

    - packed stuff (dunno if it really was a thing tho)
    - 3d skybox stuff
    - no more floating trees (we're safe)

    So... I was trying to make update as fast as possible, but after three monts all I have is this (this version was made like two months ago, so it's pretty lame that i publish it just now). Hopefully it won't take yet another three months to (finally) publish v3.

    With love.
    Big red pit of sadness.
    send help

    v2b screenshots:
  3. Detail update

    - decreased cap time by 1s
    - added more details
    - optimalized map a bit
    - fixed issue with medieval mode not working
    - fixed issue with 3D skybox not showing