Ye Olde Harveste

Medieval Ye Olde Harveste v4

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Medieval Ye Olde Harveste v4

Basicly, it's Harvest, but in medieval.

So, I was working in Hammer one day and I opened decompiled version of Harvest, to check something for my map. Then, I started to change some textures (I'm not actually sure why) and I though "Damn, this looks really good!". And it ended up as this, the medieval version of well known Harvest.

It maybe wasn't something really hard or challenging, but really fun to do. I changed some things, like made the roofs not so destroyed or added some fire for huntsman snoipahs and other minor changes.

I hope you'll enjoy!

Gadget - for very helpfull Medieval Prefab Pack -
Sean "Heyo" Cutino - for making original map "Harvest"
Frontline Community Project - Various Textures -
taxicat - Autumn Oak Trees -
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. who needs v3 anyway

    - changed middle building - opened up some space in team buildings - visual stuff - idk since i've been working on this very slowly for a long time Screenshots:
  2. I'm really sorry, but this is all I can do for you right now!

    - packed stuff (dunno if it really was a thing tho) - 3d skybox stuff - no more floating trees (we're safe) So... I was trying to make update as fast as possible, but after three monts all I have is this (this version was made like two months...
  3. Detail update

    - decreased cap time by 1s - added more details - optimalized map a bit - fixed issue with medieval mode not working - fixed issue with 3D skybox not showing

Latest reviews

I really like the color choices between the environment and the skybox. It's a very nice looking map, and I think that it's nice to see medieval versions. It could use some more preview images, just to show off more details, but I guess that's not really necessary.