Yanqing b3a

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fixed cubemaps, added spectator cameras, increased height of OOB trees, lighting tweaks, soundscape tweaks, torch particles, vertex lighting fixes, seam patches, and more
i detailed it more (no more dev textures!)

load it urself 4 a surprise ;) (too lazy to post images currently)

it's worth it i promise!

it's also 2:00 am
  • Changed small ammo for small health under the control point

  • Slight detailing changes at mid (thanks void and sedi for creating and sharing the lazarus assets with me!)


  • Made both side's window frames filled with glass so you don't wanna crouch jump through them (ouch)

  • slight clipping changes
  • fixed HDR cubemaps (i think?)
  • slight cubemap changes
  • slight change to the dirt pile