Yanqing b3a

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this is my afavroite arena ma
Looks really good, has an interesting concept, and it has a fun layout. I think it's ultimately marred by the lack of a round timer, or any other mechanic to force people to push. In practice, especially on a pub server, the last few people alive will just camp at their base with a level 3 sentry and wait for the other team to push, while 95% of the server spectates nothing of interest. There's just no advantage you get from pushing, you're only taking on risk unless there's a severe team imbalance. This has resulted in enormously long and boring rounds in which most of the dead players just disconnect.
Really like the detail in the newest version. However, no spectator camera is set to the Welcome Point, and this visibility issue still exists: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1361713323
It's a pretty good map. Not sure why some people are complaining about smaller details usually reserved for the rc stages.
Good premise, but lacks texturing, has no spectator cameras and has visibility issues where distant props from a zone disappear when getting close to them within another zone.
Diva Dan
Diva Dan
These are all things that are being changed later- the map is still in beta.
its ok
Its just a fun map.