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Workshop 2022-12-05

Smissmas mountainlab/manor

With Old Nicks Death mostly at the hands of BLU team, they have claimed his South Pole workshop as their own. Upon arrival, however, they find that RED has already taken hold. Apparently the magic that held the place together had weakened with Nick's absence to the point that the workers could abandon the place.

Workshop is a festive version of cp_mountainlab/cp_manor. Fight your way through a factory town to take over Old Nick Crowder's workshop and claim whatever's in his vault as your own as BLU team. Or, as RED, defend your newfound spoils.

Detailing, Signs - MegapiemanPHD
Wreaths, Giftboxes, Tinsel, Snowmen Model Edits - Zeus3005
Snowplow, Chalkboards, Furniture, Windows, Doors, Steam Engine - FGD5
Detailing - DocterDoomTrain64
Detailing - Rhamkin
Menu Photo's - Bonk Nickletoon
Bench Props – Mattie, Cytosolic
Frontline Awnings - SeditarySocks
Pubsign – Izotope
Skybox, xmas calendar - Void
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Latest updates

  1. Workshopin' till ya Droppin'

    -exploit fixes -minor lighting changes -minor detail changes