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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Cranberry (Arena) v1

    Cranberry is an Festive version of arena_granary Control point version: Credits: Ismaciodismorphus: Map Maker, Snowy granary props, Static b day gibs Pinewabble: Festive props pack KrazyZark: Snowyprops pack Void: Triage sky texture
  2. Aarmastah

    Powerhouse Christmas a4a

    cp_powerhouse for Smissmas; still lacking a lot of detail. Feedback very much welcome/appreciated. Custom assets in use currently include Yrrzy's snow particles and frosted window glass from pd_snowville.
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Cryo Assets 1/17/2023

    A collection of assets i made for cryo
  4. Aarmastah

    Lumberyard Snowy a1

    arena_lumberyard with snow and Diva Dan's arena mode hybrid thing from arena_lumberyard_event. Very much a work-in-progress and proof of concept Uses materials and particles from Diva Dan and yrrzy
  5. 14bit

    Stonebridge a2a

    A festive little Ultiduo map made for TFConnect's Ultiduo segment! Uses: Alaxe's TFConnect tree, presents, and toy train Frontline textures and props This is the 5 minute timer version. 2m, 1m30s, and 1m versions also exist, contact me if you need them!
  6. Aarmastah

    Coal Pit ws2

    Created by Aar, zythe_, yrrzy, Diva Dan, and UEAKCrash - Added to Team Fortress 2 in the Smissmas 2022 update!
  7. GuardianAngel

    dom_cridamas a01

    -Original submission for the TFConnect 2022 event!- Old Nick's popped into the local town for a visit, while he's gone, the workshop needs someone to look after it! Fight for control of the workshop, and win the praise of Old Nick when he returns! And if you've been a good little mercenary...
  8. squeezit

    koth_2connect a2

    KOTH map made for the TFConnect contest. I only got to start it on December 2nd due to a family emergency, but I still wanted to try making something. Its probably lacking in the originality department, though i did what i could in such a small crunch of time. Not too experienced with mirrored...
  9. KaleEatsAToonOnNut

    ctf_lumbersteal a2

    A map about stealing the other teams "lumber" to heat your team through the winter. For a contest. :)
  10. MegapiemanPHD

    Treet a3

    Pun Intended Made for TFConnect contest thing Credits: Layout - MegapiemanPHD London vehicles - FGD5 London Railing - London Door - Jumppad Prefab & Particles- Yrrzy London Callbox - London Litter Bin - Health Ammo Combo Pickup - Lee23
  11. Diva Dan

    Multi Stage Blizzard Bowl a4

    Blizzard Bowl is a snowy take on the famous Dustbowl with all new routes and improvements! Stage 3 Stage 2 Stage 1 In the images you will see various edits that aim to ease stalemates, give more purpose to more classes, and bring many quality of life changes, such as improved clipping...
  12. Seacat08

    Wrapping (TFConnect contest) B3

    Made for the TFConnect contest Mercenary action figures fight under the Smissmas tree hatchback remastered by D.C.V.
  13. Luther

    Prospect b2

    A KOTH Smissmas themed map for the TFConnect contest ( Resources used:
  14. Elizabeth

    Humburg b1 popfix

    Humburg is an MvM map in which you must defend your festive celebration, as bots attempt to light up your TFConnect™ Smissmas tree with tank mounted flamethrowers and gas cans. Made for the TFConnect contest. Elizabeth - Layout, Logic, Popfile, single function vscript file that makes a pickup...
  15. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ski Sign Pack 11/21/2022

    Collection of sign edits made for Tundramountain
  16. chibby

    Great North RC4

    Great North a 2CP attack/defense map where you be fighting get to through to Red's chataeu set near a village and a artic facillity. Credits .KrazyZark for the snow covered props and the blu manor assets .Frontline team for the frontline assets .Boomsta for the coffee machine .Pdan4 for the new...
  17. MegapiemanPHD

    Workshop 2022-12-05

    With Old Nicks Death mostly at the hands of BLU team, they have claimed his South Pole workshop as their own. Upon arrival, however, they find that RED has already taken hold. Apparently the magic that held the place together had weakened with Nick's absence to the point that the workers could...
  18. Zeus

    Zeus' Smissmas Goodies 2022-11-17

    As seen on Snowyfest, Workshop, and Rumford Snowy! Includes: - Snowman Large - Snowman Small - Wreath Small - Candy Cane Large - Candy Cane Medium - Gift boxes with 5 skins and 7 sizes / shapes - Wreath - Christmas Light Texture for move_rope - Garland / Tinsel texture for move_rope - Zoo The...
  19. 14bit

    Minor Contest #4: TFConnect

    Main Thread | Upload Thread | Results Merry Smissmas! Get ready to map, since this holiday season we're teaming up with TFConnect for a quick three-week Minor Contest before the year is out. There's prizes! There's guest judging! It's for charity! And as a bonus, the maps will be shown off on...
  20. Crash

    Snowy Gravelpit rc1

    You got some Smissmas map in my Gravelpit! You got some Gravelpit in my Smissmas map!