WorkFlow B7

Water treatment plant turned battleground for resources.

  1. B7

    Brandini Panini
    Smaller Update

    -More detailing
    -Some changes to make the map work better with configs
    -Most importantly, you can geT iN THE BOX
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  2. B6

    Brandini Panini
    -Changed some ground textures on mid
    -Small fixes all around
    -Cleaned up vis to an extent
    -Very slightly reduced environment light
  3. B5

    Brandini Panini
    -Added a small scaffolding to mid
    -Added a rock on second
    -Removed a shutter on second
    -Removed dynamic event on last
    -Many Detailing Updates
  4. B4

    Brandini Panini
    -New arch/ platform on mid
    -Touch ups to the concrete flank exterior
    -New dynamic event once last is capped
  5. B3

    Brandini Panini
    -More visual additions
    -Opened the mid point up a bit
    -Flattened mid quite a bit to reduce the ups and downs
  6. B2A

    Brandini Panini
    -Added a circling hologram to mid point to make it clearer it is the point
    -Added blockers on the choke to make flying over it not possible
    -A couple lighting fixes
  7. B2

    Brandini Panini
    Visuals :^)

    -Many visual changes and additions, too many to log
    -New building on mid point
    -Ramp on mid turned into a closet with a ramp up onto the silos
    -Concrete flank changed to allow movement without being seen as easily
    -Platform on last changed slightly
    -Fixed clipping on fences
  8. B1B

    Brandini Panini
    Fixing some small issues
    -Extended the new ramp at mid
    -Fixed a sightline into the house flank
    -Moved the right spawn door at last
    -Smoothed some geometry
  9. B1

    Brandini Panini
    Moving into Beta
    -Removed a fence on last
    -Changed the building close to left spawn on last
    -Simplified the spawn room on last
    -Changed the spawn times for attackers on last
    -Increased second cap time by 1 second
    -Made the ramp into lobby from second harder to climb from inside lobby
    -Raised the dirt ground on second to allow certain jumps
    -Moved the concrete flank on mid's entrance slightly forward
    -Moved packs a bit in lobby and the concrete flank
    -Added a small ramp on mid for kiting a...
  10. A11A

    Brandini Panini
    -Changed dropdown to a ramp into lobby
    -Added a pack on second
    -Various smaller changes and fixes