WorkFlow B4

Water treatment plant turned battleground for resources.

  1. Brandan :3
    This is a map that has been in development for quite a bit that was tested via pugs.

    It's meant to be a competitive map, at least that was the idea going into creating it.

    Credit to Fuzzy for the jungle grass and Yrzzy for the circling point hologram!

    Current Version Screenshots:
    20190113082529_1.jpg 20190113082240_1.jpg 20190113082251_1.jpg 20190113082314_1.jpg 20190113082323_1.jpg 20190113082347_1.jpg 20190113082436_1.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. lucrative
    Version: B3
    Brandan executes tradition competitive concepts while still having its own flair so so well, This map is extremely fluid and easy to play and thematically is turning out to be really cool, amazing work!