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Windshore Docks 2018-07-30

A SFM Scenebuild. Also I like purple, couldn't you tell


"Enjoy the beautiful sights of the definitely non-polluted ocean and sky and the many activities that were definitely not made the last minute to take advantage of the time of year."
Unbiased Advertiser

Yes, you heard me right, another scenebuild done in Blackvoid (definitely didn't do the same thing last time) this time at the Summer fun filled docks at Windshore, a bustling trading town known for its seaside tourist traps (and merchants I guess) inspired by the works of PL_Pier.

At the beginning of this, I was going to do a full paintover as well, but due to time-constraints (me being absolutely lazy), I had to make cuts. Man a lot of this is deja-vu.

Last thing, here is all of the workshop items used because frankly, this would have been way more frustrating and less unique without the many props and models provided by the SFM Workshop and community.

Cap Point Sign - thirteen
Almost Water - 6000 Angry Bees, Veibud
A Glass of Wine - Revzin
Miss Pauling HWM - Crazyb2000
Narry's Skycard and Skydome Pack - Narry
Poseable TF2 Props - мяFunreal
Enhanced Demoman - Velly, Maxxy
Enhanced Soldier - Velly, Maxxy
Enhanced Engineer - Velly, Maxxy
Split Sandvich - Folkye, Slypear
Snowy Mountian Range - KiT
Expiration Date Bread Van - SedimentarySocks
Restaurant Tables and Chairs - Py-Bun
Vintage Bonk Set - aceman11100
Deeakron's Very Useful Panels - Deeakron
Team Fortress 2 Invasion Assets - Invasion Team
Enhanced Merasmus - Alaxe, TheForbiddenFruit
Frontline Assets - Frontline Team
Texture Panels - JohnMcB

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you for taking the time to look at the description
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