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  1. FrostyApple

    MvM scenebuild 2022-07-24

    My friend and I did this buildscene for a 72 hour jam (press Download to see this). This is our first experience of creating something like this, please do not judge strictly. Link to scenebuild on steam just in case: Links to...
  2. V

    Swamp_Depot 2019-08-06

    Small project for 3d skybox, triggers, lighting, and other stuff. I tried to optimize it, but failed, so everything renders at once and I could'nt figure out how to do it properly, so that's why the performance might suffer. Sorry Being completely honest, I just want to not work on this anymore.
  3. Teleportato

    Windshore Docks 2018-07-30

    - Unbiased Advertiser Yes, you heard me right, another scenebuild done in Blackvoid (definitely didn't do the same thing last time) this time at the Summer fun filled docks at Windshore, a bustling trading town known for its seaside tourist traps (and merchants I guess) inspired by the works of...
  4. BlaBla

    Greeting From a Far Land 2018-07-30

    A little scenebuild made for the 72hr jam Made within 6 hrs Using Garry's mod and photoshop
  5. princess.luc!!!

    The team 2018-07-30

    Spent all night on this lollll
  6. Legoformer1000

    Desert Rangers

    My entry to 72 Hour Jam 2018 This is a scenebuild that I built in around ~12 hours, thats pretty much it
  7. Teleportato

    Perfect Landing 2017-08-07

    "Aw, now ya don't look like a happy camper." Frontline themed SFM done in blackvoid. Honestly, for the 1st 24 hours I had no idea what I was doing (probably should have planned ahead but whatever). Luckily I had a friend doing a frontline map suggested something involving a bombing run, but...
  8. TooTavish

    An End To Mann SFM

    This was pretty fun to make! Enjoy!