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  1. ProfHappycat

    ross a2

    a happy little arena map made that i made in a day. special thanks to @saph for giving feedback and helping out during development.
  2. Mikroscopic

    Wizard Town b2

    Push the bombinomicart to the evil wizard's tower and show him who's boss! Entry to Major Contest #15: Payload Checklist Contest.
  3. Mouse!

    It's spooky month!

    Let me present to you... Hello everyone! I'm a mouse. Well, in fact, a mouse-skeleton. So but anyways. What else i can say about me? Let's just have a list of "What i can do" Just a mouse that likes to do different things. I hope that I can make friends with all of you and help with the...
  4. SpookyToad

    Spookylands v1

    Merasmus break his Strongmann machine, and to fix it you need collect tickets! To get tickets you need to kill! Features: Bumper karts! Merasmus as announcer! Merasmus boss! HHH! And thats not all!
  5. This Fucking Guy

    Donator steam medals?

    When do the Summer Jam medals go out to those who donated 5+ dollars to the charity event?
  6. Teleportato

    Windshore Docks 2018-07-30

    - Unbiased Advertiser Yes, you heard me right, another scenebuild done in Blackvoid (definitely didn't do the same thing last time) this time at the Summer fun filled docks at Windshore, a bustling trading town known for its seaside tourist traps (and merchants I guess) inspired by the works of...
  7. GalaxyPhantomUV

    Infiltration [SFM] 2018-07-30

    Showcasing one of the characters in an upcoming animation series of mine. This is my Submission for the TF2 Summer Jam, and my very first one at that. Hope you enjoy! Also found a fix for the Digit Divulger that you can see here. Pretty simple, and allows for animators to use it. Let me know if...
  8. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Speedster Scout [SFM Animation]

    RED Engie builds a device that makes it's wearer go faster. BLU Soldier isn't happy at the parts for the device being stolen from him. Also Medic disappears into thin air. Made for the TF2 72hr Summer Jam 2018, hence why it looks so jerky in places. I didn't have the time, nor the willpower to...
  9. Juggernaut

    5 More Snipers! (Summer Jam 2018) 2018-07-28

    This is my Source FIlmmaker submission of a poster I created of the state of 2fort...All Snipers.
  10. Cheezy

    Moo-dy Tuesdays 2018-07-28

    Well, a cow gets hit by a jeep, then gets shot. In dispair, he goes to the local speakeasy and orders a high quality beer with no branding what so ever. The cow gets so drunk he explodes. Thats really it. Nothing else. Thats the entire story. Why are you still reading this. Stop it. Stop reading...
  11. overlord_shade

    TF2 Summer Jam 2018 Entry 2018-07-28

    Was made in a couple hours, if necessary, I can provide the original .psd file locked and used by myself if anyone ever needs proof of me making it myself, as the color corrections used were created by me. This was a group effort and all rightful credit towards friends of the group GwNN have...
  12. Questionmark

    2018 TF2 summer jam entry: Donor medal, Ray of sunshine sketch and colouring final

    A drawing of the Ray of Sunshine medal.
  13. Wheatley_1987

    Tf2Jam First Entry Pyro With Unicorn. 2018-07-27

    This Is My First 72hr Jam Upload, I Make This Poster Some Time Ago, But Is The Best One I Have Made, It Take A Time To Mike It But Worth It. My Steam Profile With Other Images: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ElBenja/
  14. Mazata

    Behind the scenes 2018-07-24

    Alright people! We're going live in ten minutes! This is my entry for the 72hr jam, I've started earlier and Void knows this! The people in the poster are The Winglet, Soundsmith, RTGame, Uberchain and Agro from Kritzkast, Bearded Expense, Tobiased and UEAKCrash. They are some of my personal...
  15. Dadema

    Termina a2a

    ----- Welcome to Termina! ----- Our 72h Jam entry, set in some part of Rome, italy! Credits: @DaDema - Map @PXJesse - Custom content Resources used: Bulletcrops project Frontline pack Overgrown assets Construction pack ABS - Mapping resource pack ----- Video ----- ----- Images -----
  16. Kube

    New Year's Resolutions - 2018

    There was a similar thread made last year, not made by me, but I figured I'd pose the question again: What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2018? How are you planning on fulfilling them? For example: I'm going to make less bad excuses for myself. I always find reasons not to do what I...