Vulcan a7

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All Changes:
- Adjusted respawn times
- Adjusted health and ammo
- Adjusted sightlines
- Added respawn room for RED that is closer to 2nd
All Changes:
- Adjusted respawn times
- Made Final more spacious
- Made it easier to get to side building from RED spawn at Final
- Made slight adjustments to 2nd
- Adjusted flanks around 1st
- Added new entrance to building between 2nd and Final
- Made minor adjustments to cover around the map
- Clipped all spike walls
All Changes:
- Adjusted respawn times
- Added more room around 2nd to make it less claustrophobic
- Gave RED high ground on 2nd
- Added rollback zones
- Readded flank between 1st and 2nd
- Added space around Last for RED and BLU to breathe and tried to make it harder for BLU to spawn camp on Last
- Added small lava pit to last
- Adjusted health and ammo
- Removed upper window in building next to A
- Fixed crevice in BLU spawn where Engi could build buildings (nice find Tifid)
- Added fence outside RED spawn during setup time to make it more obvious where to go because people keep going to Last despite the giant red arrows that clearly indicate where you are supposed to go
accidentally uploaded a nav file
All Changes:
Adjusted Spawn Times
First TF2 map to make it to A4. In play testing for A3, it was found that the map was very BLU sided until Final where the map became overly RED sided.

All Changes:
- Added more ammo around 2nd and Final
- Adjusted respawn times
- Added blockade that BLU must wait for after capping 1st to give RED more time to prep 2nd defence
- Removed passage for 1st to upper 2nd to make the bend between 1st and 2nd more of a choke to balance out the area as BLU has a lot of high ground
- Turned said passage into health and ammo joint
- Added time to the clock
- Expanded Lava Lake
- Added more cover on Final
- Fixed lava texture in RED spawn
- Fixed door trigger bug in forward spawn
- Added window view into Final from upper 2nd building
- Adjusted health and ammo
- Removed Herobrine
All changes:
- Changed name to Vulcan;
- Added height variation and more cover to Final;
- Fixed invisible glass;
- Replaced rock at 2nd with a defensive building;
- Moved upper exit of BLU spawn closer to BLU spawn;
- Shifted white battlement area near 1st closer to BLU spawn as well;
- Removed one of the flank routes by lower exit of BLU spawn;
- Tried to make it a little easier for RED to defend;
- Changed 2nd location a bit and added a door that opens before BLU can continue pushing to allow RED more time to prepare their Final defense;
- Did more sightline blocking;
- Adjusted respawn times;
- Adjusted health and ammo placement;
- Added more cover outside BLU spawn;
All Changes:
- Fixed door bug
All Changes:
- Changed lighting and removed orange textures
- Downscaled lower area outside of BLU spawn and added more cover + flank routes to make it a more viable alternative
- Added lava pit to the left of BLU spawn
- Tried to eliminate annoying sightlines
- Fixed Reds not getting respawned on spawn change on 1st Cap
- Added BLU forward spawn on 2nd Cap
- Added new routes and cover for spawn around the 2nd point
- Added more routes in the building between 2nd and Last
- Downscaled Last a bit
- Restructured RED spawn on last with new exit and added cover
- Minor Health and Ammo changes
- Adjusted The Life Pit
Adjusted lighting so team recognition was clearer.
I also made minor adjustments to respawn time