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Vigil RC7

Single stage 4 point payload, originally made in the 2016 Winter 72 Hour Jam

  1. theatreTECHIE
    Red have built their own observatory. Unfortunately for them, Blu has learnt about its existence, and are trying to do what they do best - blow it up.

    Vigil is a single stage 4 point payload, set in a mountainous area leading up to an observatory. It's designed with a shorter payload track to allow more time for fighting rather than just pushing the cart.

    Originally named Dawn's Vigil

    Special thanks to:
    MaccyF, Freyja, ASG Alligator and Yotts for custom props
    A Boojum Snark, for his mapping pack, as always
    TF2Maps play testers
    Smurfy Servers, for playing the map and providing feedback
    That's So Steve!, Karl and Brick for all of their feedback
    All the people who have playtested the map
    ETF2L for testing the map in the HL Season 12 Preseason Cup
    UGC for the support throughout Season 22 of Highlander


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Recent Updates

  1. RC7 (1/2/2019)
  2. RC6 (17/10/2019)
  3. RC5 (12/5/2019)

Recent Reviews

    Version: RC7
    Great stuff - oarsome map
  2. FloofCollie
    Version: RC5
    Played this in a server, it was so much fun!! We were down to the last 10 seconds on Offense and the defenders were putting up a great resistance. We managed to break in with two back-to-back Ubers and win the game! Visually, gameplay-wise and overall I feel like this ought to be made official.
    Version: RC5
    this is the best map for comp highlander, i love it more than upward and badwater
  4. Retro_Game_kid
    Version: RC4
    A wonderful map that gives me upward vibes but with a prettier alpine setting. VALVe! add this map