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Planless A2A

A Japanese style 3 point payload

  1. theatreTECHIE
    Somewhere in Japan, there's a temple to a god. RED have no idea who this god is, or what they do. All they know is that this shrine is worth something, so they have got their hands on it.
    As usual, BLU don't like it when RED have something that is valuable, so want to blow it up.

    An actual name will come later, but for now it's keeping the same name from the 72 Hour Jam from January. It also keeps the same first point from the map in the Jam. Additionally, while the second point is largely the same, there have been some changes to second, and an overhaul was performed on the last point.

    Thanks as always to ABS for his magnificent pack.
    Additional thanks to Freyja and E-Arkham for the Japanese theme


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