Vigil RC5

Single stage 4 point payload, originally made in the 2016 Winter 72 Hour Jam

  1. RC5 (12/5/2019)

    - Removed perch points
    - Fixed sticky bombs being able to be placed under displacements hill from 1st to 2nd
    - Fixed BLU players being able to use loadout binds standing next to doors of RED's final spawn
    - Changed rock clipping and raised fence next to rock on first to prevent snipers from getting on top of the rock
    - Changed how the ducks operate (still random, just made it harder to cheat to find them)
    - Added 9 new duck spawning positions (1 for each class of duck)
    - Added/improved on...
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  2. RC4 (29/6/2018)

    - Reduced sightline from locker room to lobby between 2nd and 3rd
    - Clipping improvements
    - Prevented stickies from being hidden under the tracks between 2nd and 3rd
  3. RC3 (22/6/2018)

    - Filled in pit at last point
    - Lowered sentry platform on last
    - Added stairs to the flank room on last
    - Added a prop jump to allow blu to get up the outside part of the flank room on last
    - Added a high fence on the edge of the map on the flank of the last point
    - Spawn time adjustments on last
    - Removed the decrease in rollback time after the cart goes up the final rollback ramp
    - Reduced size and adjusted position of third point rollback ramp
    - Added barriers to the rocks near third...
  4. RC2A (2/3/2018)

    - Bug fixes
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  5. RC2 (25/2/2018)

    - Blocked sightline from near third cap to exit of Locker Room
    - Removed rafters above the tracks between Second and Third caps
    - Added small health pack in oil
    - Small changes to detailing
  6. RC1 (12/1/2018)

    - Slightly increased cart speed on last ramp (from 40 to 44)
    - More detail around the map, touching up the empty places
    - Better lighting in places
    - Soundscapes added
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  7. B7 (8/12/2017)

    Gameplay Changes:
    - Reduced time added after A, B and C caps by 30 seconds.
    - Reduced time for cart to rollback after last being touched by BLU to 25 seconds for all of the track except for just after the last rollback ramp, where it is now 21 seconds (down from 30 seconds).
    - Adjusted clipping.

    Detailing Changes:
    - More detailing around last.
    - Better blended bottom of cliffs into the clouds.
    - Added custom skybox and added env_sun to align the sun angle with the environment lighting...
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  8. B6 (2/10/2017)

    - Raised rock formation on first to disallow snipers from standing on it.
    - Changed climbable rocks to a log to make it easier to get up.
    - Added slight outcrop on second to give spies another possible decloak spot.
    - Removed climbable invisible ledge on last - players now need to use the pipes to get up the drop-down cliff.
    - Re-added a skill jump from final tunnel exit to the upper flank cliff that was accidentally removed in the last version.
    - Remade the flank area of last.
    - Moved final...
  9. B5 (22/6/2017)

    This is the update intended to be used in UGC this season. Good luck to all teams who are playing!

    - Added window on the outside of I.T.
    - Added pipes around pit that can be used to walk around the edge
    - Fixed some clipping
    - Added HDR lighting
    - Added some more detailing
  10. B4A (22/5/2017)

    - Fixed cart paths at the end that I forgot to move to line up with the moved track