Vice [CP] A1

The City Between Rival Hotels

  1. Heili
    Urban city with opposing hotels at the other end of the block. Vice has a balance of close and long range areas designed with the inspiration from Team Fortress Classic & Half-Life.

    cp_vice_a1 published with 20 hours left on the clock. Used the wonderful Maritime assets from Bullet crops and ABS Mapping Resource pack.

    Leave some feedback if you can please, eager to know what others think!

    Known issues so far: Missing texture for road (still haven't figure out packing yet), bridge texture is chopped up (don't know why).

    Interested in the concept art?


    1. vice_street_promotitle.jpg
    2. vice_middle_promo01.jpg
    3. vice_alley_promo03.jpg
    4. vice_blu_spawn_promo02.jpg
    5. vice_hotel_promo06.jpg
    6. vice_parking_lot_promo04.jpg
    7. vice_workout_promo05.jpg