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  1. Heili

    [PLR] Everglades A1

    Florida's Deep South Trench into Florida's wetlands and surround yourself with marsh, mud, and alligators! RED and BLU have setup operations in the deep south to mine oil from the Everglades, except national reservation laws prevent them from accessing a lake's deposit. Whoever bombs the lake...
  2. Heili

    [CTF] Hawaii A1

    Features: Tiki torches to light up arrows! 45 second flag return times! Wide open ocean! Made within 72 hours!
  3. Heili

    Slender Baldi Education V2

    Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning Return to Baldi's school reimagined inside Slender Fortress 2! Baldi welcomes the TF2 team to his schoolhouse, play online with your friends and collect all 7 notebooks to win! Explore outside the school during recess and see what the school looks like...
  4. Heili

    ZE/ZF Jungle Lab RC1

    Science's Biggest Mistake A team of scientists have invented the zombie virus after an experiment gone horribly wrong. Realizing how humanity is endangered if these super infected breach the lab, your survivor team must escape the underground lab to contain the virus and blow EVERYTHING UP...
  5. Heili

    Rosewater [PL] A2

    Kong King's Art style + Payload. Never mind the downpour from hell, the tracks are still dry enough to push a bomb through the cheery hills of Rosewater city. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Designed with Half-Life and Team Fortress Classic inspiration. This is continuing...
  6. Heili

    Infuse [MvM] B1a

    Mann Co.'s rural wheat farm takes wheat-production to new production highs. In fact, our facility produces more wheat than bullet casings and rockets than ANY OTHER WHEAT FARM in America. That's a fact! Unfortunately, this perpetuated lie is quickly falling apart as Gray Mann's robot horde have...
  7. Heili

    Vice [CP] A1

    Urban city with opposing hotels at the other end of the block. Vice has a balance of close and long range areas designed with the inspiration from Team Fortress Classic & Half-Life. cp_vice_a1 published with 20 hours left on the clock. Used the wonderful Maritime assets from Bullet crops and...
  8. Heili

    Chromeo [Arena] A1A_reupload

    arena_chromeo_a1: Made in about 12 hours since Jam started. Featuring a hedge maze you can run around. A1A is the final version done during the 72hr period. I used ABS's Mapping Resource Pack and the Frontline community assets to make this map. Leave some feedback if you can, it's a first mapper.