The Parish: Waterfront (SZF)

The Parish: Waterfront (SZF) V2

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The Parish: Waterfront (SZF) V2

This Time it All Goes South

Fight through zombie-infested New Orleans in another Team Fortress 2 x Left 4 Dead 2 crossover of The Parish. Waterfront is made for Super Zombie Fortress.

  • Gorgeous reimagining of The Parish's first two chapters!
  • 2 maps reunited from Beta (Waterfront and Park)!
  • Virgil and U.S. Air Force NPCs!
  • Challenging gauntlet, rush to stop the alarm!
  • Custom L4D2 soundscapes!

Compatible with Zombie Fortress
Thank you to these UGC authors:
Dr. Face - arctic assets
jukebox - Army truck
boomsta - Neon Alphabet props
Commingle - Eclectic bricks
fuzzymellow - urban textures
squeezit - fire hydrant prop
OwOn't - Sign templates
Shaar - Caldera skybox (missing download)
FGD5 - vehicle models
Mikroscopic - Office props
Rexy - File cabinet props & portable toilets
Pear and Crash - Overgrown props
Zeus3005 - bathroom decals & lights off props
MuxinMuffin - graffiti overlays
Berry / Autumnal pack team - Autumnal assets
Bakscratch - Santorini assets
Diva Dan - S/laughter assets
Zungry (DarkVirus135) - Alphabet overlays
Egan - Watergate assets
Alexcookie - Wallpaper textures & timer door
Exactol - firefly particles
fubarFX - Occult props
Krazy - Ghastlane textures
Valve - Left 4 Dead 2 original map
Eminoma (TF2 Classic) - BLU D/E signs
TF2 End of the Line team (textures)
TF2 Frontline! team (textures/models)
TF2 Pacific team (models)
TF2 Swamp team (particles/props/textures)
TF2 London team (textures/models)
TF2 Maritime team (models)
TF2 Construction team (textures/models)

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Latest updates

  1. V2

    Gauntlet changes (CP D): Reduced D cap time from 20 to 3 seconds Reworked some spawn placements to streamline Infected map control before and during gauntlet Zombie rage timer adjusted to be shorter and give longer rest periods, rage lasts 8...