Verdant A6

its gween!

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Clipped some things
    added signs to direct players to the point better
    made the underworld buffs last 5 seconds instead of 10
    fyi you can ignite your arrows on the green flame braziers :)
    oh and fixed a stupid sightline
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  2. cool stuff

    The underworld should be fixed now, and better than ever before.

    Also added green fire torches and braziers (which ignite your huntsman arrows!)

    Made it clearer where the portal is.

    More detailing!
  3. Underworld changes

    Made the underworld appear every minute instead of every cap.
  4. Verdant A3

    Added soundscapes.

    Made the house on the highground useful?

    People who exit with crit or uber in the underworld now make diffirent sound effects.
  5. Verdant A2

    Added pumpkin bombs.

    Minor layout changes.

    Fixed portal dissapearing before the particle.

    Clipped some things.

    Added rain!!!!!