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  1. Afterburnist

    72hr Jam 2022 Green pyro drawing N/A

    First time participating in the Jam! It was fun
  2. bowacunga

    green/polluted skybox 2022-02-06

    i have a map in development i wanna use this skybox for (hopefully i don't lose motivation like all my other maps). but you can use it too if you want it's an edited version of upward's sky
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    sky_goldrush_02 12/4/2021

    An edit of goldrush's skybox to invoke a more nuclear theme by tinting it green
  4. scrly

    Verdant A9

    Assets used: Dan's Pines Stuff from the Overgrown Pack Exactol's Wormhole particle ASG_Alligator's Enclosure rocks
  5. Pdan4

    koth_scratch a03

    Do you like murder ? This map is for you! A simple and straightforward KOTH layout: the point is there. Kill for it.
  6. Umaroth-24

    echelon v2

    An easy soldier jump map with 18 jumps. I am basically putting it here for the download, but ofcourse feedback is welcome as well :D. [WARNING] you should be cautious trying to sync without having the gunboats equiped, it could otherwise kill you. thread Thanks to: probably rexy for...
  7. obodobear

    72hr Jam 2022 green_de_la_bean final?

    Uh oh! You friccin moron. You just got BEANED!!! This is a random weird map that I made in honor of my favorite meme. Not sure why I made this or the reason it has for existing. Tag your friends to totally bean them! Composer: El Bean and the Three Caballeros Playlist...
  8. Ninja-of-Sauce

    United Future - Solar Panels, Wind Turbines

    Hey folks, Looking for any new green technology to place in maps. I am building a cityscape of slightly forward future tech. Hard to feel immersed without some details. There are a great variety of solar charging devices now. Panels and solar concentrators, little spinning solar charging...
  9. Gamex

    Green Screen 2016-11-20

    Just a green screen to make screenshots