Underground Mission: Rustbelt V5?

Advanced difficulty mission for Underground RC3

  1. Icons and Crits

    - BFB Scouts now use the BFB icon currently accepted for MM
    - Grapple Demomen given crits to make them slightly more intimidating
    - Grapple Demomen should now self destruct on a successful caber hit
  2. And done

    This version is the version currently accepted for Madness VS Machines
  3. beans

  4. Who watches this download anyway?

    Might as well sync updates as they go with MM testing

    Wave 1

    - Increased number of starting Scouts from 50 to 60
    - Reduced number of Shotgun Heavies/Medic combo to end the wave faster

    Wave 2

    - Replaced Blast Soldiers with normal Soldiers
    - Reduced Heavy totalcount to 10
    - Reduced Heavy spawncount to 2
    - Reduced Heavy maxactive to 4
    - Added support Demomen to the end of the wave

    Wave 3

    - Reduced Support Soldier spawncount from 4 to 3
    - Reduced Support Soldier maxactive from 8 to 6
  5. Money

    Money buffs
  6. I'm dying here!

    Various small fixes with one crucial fix. I EVAPORATED the real changelog!