Uma1 A1C

a small, kindhearted and sour koth map

  1. Umaroth-24
    This will be my first map posted on the forums! I see forward to all the feedback for it.
    I will upload some pictures in some minutes cus i cant really find them lol but thats fixed already :) I hope you will enjoy the testing!

    koth_uma1_a1c0014 - kopie.jpg koth_uma1_a1c0015 - kopie.jpg koth_uma1_a1c0016 - kopie.jpg koth_uma1_a1c0017 - kopie.jpg koth_uma1_a1c0018 - kopie.jpg koth_uma1_a1c0019 - kopie.jpg koth_uma1_a1c0020 - kopie.jpg koth_uma1_a1c0021 - kopie.jpg

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  1. update 5-8-2016