echelon v2

simple devtextured jumpmap

  1. Umaroth-24
    An easy soldier jump map with 18 jumps. I am basically putting it here for the download, but ofcourse feedback is welcome as well :D. [WARNING] you should be cautious trying to sync without having the gunboats equiped, it could otherwise kill you. thread
    jump1: wallshot
    jump2: skipjump
    jump3: shoot the wall to get on the floor beneeth (or strafe it)
    jump4: shoot the grey wall to slide on the ramp, and shoot this one to get on the platform
    jump5: strafe
    jump6: wallshot 2x
    jump7: syncjump
    jump8: skip+watersync
    jump9: speedshot+skip
    jump10: skip2x+sync
    jump11: jurf+skip+jurf
    jump12: wallshot+speedsjot onto the ramp+rampshot
    jump13: right wallshot 2x+leftwallshot 2x
    jump14: skip 2x+rampshot
    jump15: speedshot 2x
    jump16: telesync+wallshot
    jump17: wallpogo+pogo
    jump18: sync+ wallshot 2x+strafe
    Thanks to:
    probably rexy for the Unofficial Orange Mini Mapping contest texturepack
    WingsWithoutBird for testing the map multiple times and giving lots of feedback.
    Broccoli, Fianchetto, kappudle, pawel and YmirIV for testing the map as well.

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