trade_undertale_ruins 2021-08-04

An old unreleased undertale themed trade/hangout and exploration map.

  1. ethosaur
    An old map I started on back when Undertale just released, I didn't know how to do custom textures or sounds at the time, so no custom content, all was made with tf2 assets....

    Uploading for history/archival purposes.

    Perhaps some may still find some entertainment from it?

    -Almost entire starting ruins recreated
    -Partial first part of the forest area
    -Partial snowdin area
    -Text and interaction, heal/ammo pickups, spells and some secrets/exploration

    (It's not really a trade map, but it's more of an exploration/hangout map with a loosely-similar layout to Undertales first areas, but you can use it for whatever!)


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