1. ethosaur

    trade_undertale_ruins 2021-08-04

    An old map I started on back when Undertale just released, I didn't know how to do custom textures or sounds at the time, so no custom content, all was made with tf2 assets.... Uploading for history/archival purposes. Perhaps some may still find some entertainment from it? Features: -Almost...
  2. _Vinchenzomix126_

    Past 72hr Jam Entry UnderFortress 2 2016-07-24

    This what would happen if the fan favorite Comic sans were to be a character in tf2! I imagined him as the demoman cause of him loving his version of alcohol which is ketchup! Then Papyrus in the background yelling at him to get to his post to capture a human! (Nyehehe!) This is for the Tf2...