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  1. Buic

    Fulldark A2

    For MC22
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Tomb of Nefritari a1

    Recreation of the map with the same name from Serious Sam 3: Bfe's Deathmatch mode. This map was notable for having zero lighting meaning you could only see with your flashlight... it sucked in that game and it will suck in this one too. Weapon roster: x2 Lightning Guns X2 Rocket Launchers x4...
  3. ethosaur

    trade_undertale_ruins 2021-08-04

    An old map I started on back when Undertale just released, I didn't know how to do custom textures or sounds at the time, so no custom content, all was made with tf2 assets.... Uploading for history/archival purposes. Perhaps some may still find some entertainment from it? Features: -Almost...
  4. Pdan4

    Props with improper lightmapping

    [RESOLVED] Hey y'all, I'm running into a very strange issue with props for my In & Out Detailing Contest entry. I've had props that were properly lightmapped before, but now ignore light_env except for its ambient. They almost look black... almost. Regular lights work fine, but this stuff is...
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    Templeruins v2

    Features! -14 Player controlled traps -5 independent traps -3 Ending choices! 50/50, Humiliation, And a melee fight against a powered up death! -Anti idle mechanics for both-sides -A motivator
  6. Fall Guy 1399

    koth underground a2 2020-08-29

    A close quarters koth map with lower lighting, have fun
  7. 8BITek

    my map is very dark

    My Map is very very darkness, please help.
  8. r0nii

    $ssbump work not like it should in some places. (solved)

    im using the texture nature/blendrockgroundwall003 and mostly combined with nature/blendrockground005. but its really visible that those are not the same texture because the nature/blendrockgroundwall003 is lighter then the other one cause of the %ssbump in the script. But that not the problem...
  9. TheFluffycart

    KoTH Mine a2

    Have you ever wanted to play a map so bad and unfair, that's it's funny? Then here is this dumpster fire for your enjoyment. This is a WIP map, and for ghits and shiggles, I slapped a point in, and released this. The main point is to see the theme, and get opinions
  10. ComradeRoffel

    pl_fryground A7

    Blu team has discovered a secret Red base, holding a mysterious weapon. The facility has multiple lava pools. Why? No idea, but it is blu's task to blow up the weapon, no matter what the cost. One of my first maps, made using maritime, frontline and koth_hangar props, I want to finish it but I...
  11. ForceFul

    Harsh a4

    A small industrial place. You can suggest your ideas, or tell about bugs and problems!
  12. FishyUberMuffin

    Dark TF2 Within Both Map and Story

    How dark can TF2 go? I would love to hear about how you think TF2 can go dark.
  13. SandwichFaker

    Bottle 2017-08-05

    This unlucky bottle has lost its owner and has been shot. (this was pre-L&W) As it now just sits under a bright light in a dark room in koth_harvest. Will this bottle ever see its owner before it despawns? The Answer: No. The End.
  14. Donatello

    [SOLVED] map brightness help

    This map is way too bright. I want to have a dark forest map, but I have no idea how to make it darker (tried turning down light_environment brightness settings but that didn't do the job well..)
  15. Dr. Maxxis

    72hr "Green Isn't Creative"

    "Green isn't Creative" By Dr. Maxxis a.k.a 4oureyes This....Wasn't easy. To explain! The Lighting itself was a pain, not to mention the posing and fingers, It was very difficult to properly light this the way I wanted so eventually I had to scrap and move on. I had returned with a open mind and...
  16. Zeklyn

    72hr "After War" an SFM Poster 2017-02-11

    This poster took 12 hours to make. I tried to aim at getting a cinematic feeling. No custom content used, absolutely nothing
  17. FrugeleConLag

    72hr medicine 2017-02-11

    Happy doctor