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Past 72hr Jam Entry The March of the Mercenaries 2017-02-11

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Past 72hr Jam Entry The March of the Mercenaries 2017-02-11

Alright, maggots. This march will motivate us to cap the final point! Into formation!

Hello! So this is my contribution to the 72 Hour Jam.

Originally, I wrote this during the summer, but it was pretty poor at it's time, as there were many sections in the song that I didn't enjoy and I was poorly improvising on piano. I finally decided to rework on this, and it sounds much better than what it did 7 months ago.

The influences for this song came primarily from John Williams' "1941 March", the Chicken Run OST, the Army Men franchise's OST, and The Great Escape. I used Noteflight to write this. I will post the conductor's score soon, although that depends if anyone is interested.

I apologize, the audio quality isn't the best. If there is any problems, please let me know and I will fix as best as I can.
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wow, really great and competitive soundtrack!