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Rust (BETA) 2019-03-17

A TF2 Remake of a popular Counter-Strike map based on the cut version of TF2. Full circle.

Basically de_dust-- no not Dust2, I've seen that remade countless time-- made as an Attack/Defend map for TF2.

The reason I put in "(BETA)" is because while the basic layout of the map is finished, I still want some feedback on what can be improved for it. The map is entirely based on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's version of Dust, and instead of copy+paste the map into Hammer for TF2, I did it all by hand (and memory, and graph paper references).

I suggest downloading it off of the Steam Workshop, as I will be checking there to see if anyone has suggestions or issues with the map. Would appreciate any playtesters and feedback.

Thanks, bye.
Charlie 5 Lives
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