The Team Fortress 2 Suite 2017-08-07

"Listen up, bucket wearers! I have made us a song to play! So you all better enjoy it!" -Soldier

  1. Charlie 5 Lives
    Hello! My name is C5L, and I wrote "The March of the Mercenaries" for the 72Hr Winter Jam earlier this year!

    For this year's Summer 72Hr jam, I started working on a bunch of short melodies for what I called "The Team Fortress 2 Suite". It consists of six short melodies: "Intro", "Pyroland", "Badlands Funk", "MERCENARIES!", "Build up", and "Pyroland - Reprise". Badlands Funk contains the style of TF2's soundtrack and features a BASSOON SOLO (that's right, I went there), while "MERCENARIES" is a flashback to "The March of the Mercenaries", but simplified.

    Unfortunately, Noteflight just crashed as I was finishing the Reprise. And no matter how much I spent trying to reopen Noteflight to finish it, it always crashed my browser. The score will not be able to be seen, sadly. So as of now, it has a really bad and sudden ending, as well as no visuals except of a poster of Soldier looking at a couple instruments I made.


    I apologize for the audio quality and that it is not as good as The March of the Mercenaries, but I hope you all enjoy! :D

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  1. Velvott
    Version: 2017-08-07
    Nice music!