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The Battlefields of TF2 -- Written for Two Pianos 2018-07-29

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The Battlefields of TF2 -- Written for Two Pianos 2018-07-29

"Aye, I lack the depth perception but I still know piano!" -Demoman

"The Battlefields of Team Fortress 2" is my submission for the 72Hr Summer Map Jam 2018. A lot of this was done within 72 hours. I even got to stream the creation of this suite a bit.

There are three relatively short movements, each relating with TF2's well known maps. The maps chosen are 2Fort, Dustbowl, Upward. It is composed and arranged for two pianos, but for any pianists in here good luck playing it as a duet on one piano, or more known as four-hands.

2Fort begins as the calmer song. Everyone from those who just started to those who've played for years will know the name 2Fort. Gameplay wise varies and the map design is flawed, but it is also simple, yet somewhat welcoming and nostalgic. If you read the score in the PDF file and listen you'll notice like 2Fort, the composition is symmetrical, using the same notes and chords from beginning to end. Palindrome-like, as it were.

Dustbowl counters the gentle sound that 2Fort has, and it very chaotic and dissonant. Sort of like the battles you'd have there. The only quiet parts in Dustbowl are when you're away from battle, and that's what this piece is like. The moments that you think it won't be loud, it actually just builds up more and more.

Upward is the last movement, plays almost as if it were in a round, kind of like the map itself. It is calmer than Dustbowl but still dissonant. The time signature is primarily in 9/8, a triple compound metre that gives it a little bounce each beat. Not like a jazz bounce, but enough for the listener to feel it.

I originally intended to write two more pieces, Harvest and Asteroid, to be the final pieces. But my sanity and creativity died after finishing Upward. Who knows? Maybe I'll write them for the next jam. I was also gonna try and make these songs longer, but I couldn't.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this work. I wish it was longer but 72 hours and my PC crashing wasn't enough. Heh. Enjoy!
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