TF2 Synth Medley - 72HR Jam v1

NOTE - I've uploaded it to my soundcloud so you don't have to download :)

  1. hamsterkins
    I arranged a tf2 medley with the songs:
    The Calm
    Drunken Pipe Bomb
    Rocket Jump Waltz
    Intruder Alert!
    Main Theme

    I used primarily synths from the Kort Minilogue, unfortunately I didn't have the time to get it to sound how I wanted, if you go check my SoundCloud you can see the kind of style I was aiming for with my synths but unfortunately didn't have the time to do so.
    Maybe in the future I will revisit this and finish it up.

    The Song:


    1. Lowres_Minilogue_Closeup1.jpg