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  1. Cinnamon

    Freezeezy Peak a1c

    Freezeezy Peak from Banjo-Kazooie, a cold world home to many, with a giant snowman looming over you with every move! What could possibly go wrong? One of my more recent maps that I've been learning more of both blender and hammer with as a whole, with the first iteration planned to not have...
  2. Sarexicus

    dramatic duel 2022-07-25

    pov: you're being dueled on a CP map with a short timer (a music track made for the 72hr jam! I made one of these last year so I figured I'd do so again) this is my second entry. that's right, I get two.
  3. JDiscoolguy

    Musical Madness Warpaint. 1.0

    This is a classical music-themed warpaint.
  4. Whittaly

    TF2 Main Theme but in the ULTRAKILL OST style 2022-07-23

    I was inspired by the soundtrack from another game to create this remix or cover (idk)
  5. Goya Hayate

    Soldier of Dance (Cover, SN76489‎) V1.0

    For those of you wondering what a "SN76489‎" is, it's the sound chip used by the SEGA Master System / Game Gear! It has only three PSG channels, and a noise channel to simulate drums. I'll spare you the lesson in retro hardware, though; But with a few small tweaks, this song could technically...
  6. Cinnamon

    Spiral Mountain b1

    Spiral Mountain, old friend! Mountains can't be friends... One of the few retro 3D levels that's been memorized fondly for the unique art style of its time period and amazing platformer of a game with its many worlds, followed by beating down grunty's butt into the ground! Another BK map of...
  7. Cinnamon

    Bubblegloop Swamp a2

    Bubblegloop Swamp from Banjo-Kazooie, but currently early in development! A lot is missing from the map right now, so don't expect much until later on. Both Mr. Vile and Tiptup Choir are accessable, but you would need to resize yourself to be able to enter Mr. Vile's place currently. List of...
  8. Cinnamon

    Treasure Trove Cove b3

    Finally, It is here! After more than almost 4 months (other map listing was actually 3 months in development) in the making with this ginormous map, Treasure Trove Cove is now finally playable with collectables, jiggys, and those jinjos that call for help every second of their life. This map...
  9. Cinnamon

    Treasure Trove Cove v3

    Here it is, Treasure Trove Cove ported and recreated for Versus Saxton Hale! The trade version, the original version, has been worked on constantly so a second version of the map has been made for vsh as well. Changes were made around the map to accommodate for said gamemode, being: Interiors...
  10. sam_R_den

    Playing With Snow (Song) 2021-12-20

    As the tag states, this song is a festive version of the song "Playing With Danger," from Valve Studio Orchestra's Fight Songs, made for the TF2Maps Winter Jam! This song is free to use in videos, animations, and anything/everything else, copyright-free. Google Drive link...
  11. Mikroscopic

    Get Fighting! (Song) a1

    I wanted to do another Funk Fortress EP but I had to be somewhere most of the weekend, so I only had time to make one track. So have a single! Soundcloud link:
  12. Goya Hayate

    Rocket Jump Waltz (Cover) v2

    More specifically using instruments from Sonic 1 & 3. Transcribed from memory and ear. Made with FL Studio 20, so it's probably not hardware compatible, Unless someone were to remake it in a tracker. No preview, unfortunately, since Soundcloud keeps removing the track. Oops. Total time...
  13. Badger_

    Genuine Anger - Vintage Killstreak EP 2020-09-07

    Another year means another EP, and this time around we put together a condensed three-tracks of original tf2 themed music for your delicate ears to enjoy! Track listings: 1. This Is War 2. And I Love It 3. I Try So Hard This project was in collaboration with Mature_Woman (drums, engineer and...
  14. Mikroscopic

    Funk Fortress a1

    I slaved away making these funky tunes over the weekend. I hope you enjoy!
  15. Crash

    TF2 Theme metal cover (Bog Wizard)

  16. Hurricane Pootis

    Drunken Pipe Bomb Bass Cover 1

    This is a cover of Drunken Pipe Bomb on Bass Guitar The video can be found here I recorded it on a 1997 Fender P Bass Special California Edition, with Audacity, and the video was put together with Blender. The original soundtrack and music was produced and written by Valve Studio Orchestra...
  17. albo3

    TF2 Theme Noir Jazz Remix 2020-09-04

    This is my first jam, and I didn't want to do anything too crazy, so I just made a short little jazz tune in FL Studio.
  18. Sappykun

    How do I avoid race conditions in the Hammer I/O system?

    TL;DR What are good patterns for preventing race conditions when using sequential logic? ---- I have a KOTH map with a lot of logic point entities. The operations these entities perform must be completed in a certain order, based on which team caps the point and when. Previous versions of...
  19. IAmKnotMax

    Rustboro City 5a

    Rustboro City from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Includes the city, 3 connecting routes, and Petalburg Woods, Rusturf Tunnel, and Meteor Falls. Blu exits to Petalburg Woods, Red exits to Meteor Falls. All music in the map is affected by the music volume, although if you use snd_restart when a song...
  20. Badger_

    Genuine Anger - Specialized Killstreak EP - 72hr Jam 2019-08-05

    Seven tracks, all recorded in my living room with my band in 72 hours. Track listings: 1. Team Fortress 2? 2. It Hates Me So Much 3. Rocket Jump Waltz 4. I Try So Hard (original) 5. The Calm 6. Team Fortress 2 7. The Crate Depression Collaboration with B0 Jangles and Kelan Moore.