tf2 72 hr jam

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  1. Mg3Ca(CO3)4

    Team Fortress 2 forever 2022-07-25

    Вчера данную работу почему-то не опубликовали . Я искренне извиняюсь, если на 10-30 мин позже опубликовал её! Но я старался и сделал в стилистике волосатых миньонов. Надеюсь, что второй раз работа опубликуется и будет медалька на память. Плюс вчера проблема с регистрацией была от чего вне сроков...
  2. Mg3Ca(CO3)4

    Very soon 15 years of the game! T T T TF2 !!! 2022-07-25

    Very soon 15 years of the TF2!!! Hairy TF2 minion style ! For #tf2jam 2022 ! Sorry for the slight delay. Hope for a commemorative medal! :333
  3. extra treeger (´ω`)

    72 hours tf2 jam

    I not found the forum where you need to uploud 72 jam matirials...
  4. SunnySideEggs

    koth_hydrostation 2022-07-25

    Small koth map made for the 22 Summer Jam Has bot support and a decent amount of details Hopefully it's also fun with other players. Changed the name from station to hydrostation because someone already used the name
  5. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    The Manhunt (SFM Animation)

    A well-trained Soldier runs for his life. Sadly, I hit the cutoff of "time I'd need to render and upload it, so there is missing audio and particle effects, I simply couldn't find and add them in time. For once, the frame rate was intentional. The map is Cabin a1 by Erk. and is...not SFM...
  6. Durham.

    Pyro's Day Out!

    I completed this work in gmod today (25/07/2022) at around 15:00 as i have been suffering with Covid-19 for the past few days i had no chance to create something on the other 2 provided days.
  7. 2Suicides

    The Fifth Element 1

  8. Droxtan

    Sandwich island 2022-07-25

    Made by: Gibus bin: Mudlesmer: Droxtan:
  9. FoxTitle

    TF2 Summer Jam. Poster+model 1.0

    Also View: Poster by Model by Vector logo by
  10. FirstCool

    Spooky Deutchoween 2022-07-25

    Small artwor for the challenge Co-author:
  11. Mr.Raid

    Scout art 2022-07-25

    I hope you enjoy my art. <3
  12. Cool Killer

    Summer Holidays in TF2 team 1

    I hope to you stay happy before looking my Artwork, thanks for looking, and have fun!

    Sunset Relax 1

    This was made for 72hr Jam Here using Roblox and TF2 stuff and more of this was made or import by me (Most of that)
  14. KizoLunarmoon

    your a scout POV 72Hr jam 1.1

    your a scout on a pub pov.
  15. Mierne1

    Medic Headshot 1

    A solid color of Medic wearing cosmetics in extreme detail.
  16. YuSher

    Hitman's Heatmaker 1

    I and my friends Scorch and Bonjabo took part in tf2 jam for the first time. In 2 days we made a cosplay for a rifle from tf2, but the preparation of materials and drawings began much earlier. Since I already had experience working with metal, I took over this part of the work. Scorch did all...
  17. SSSmith


    OH, MY GOD! THIS IS A SANDWICH IN REAL LIFE I apologize for the mess and poor image quality. And one more thing... My mom helped me with this job :D Yes, I participate in 72 Hour Jam 2022
  18. FamyCHoff

    Winter Harvest Smissmas 2022! 2022-07-24

    reskin of the official tf2 map under the winter theme! Saved default textures. thanks for the content from the site "tf2maps":
  19. God's fiddler

    Snack attack IRL 2022-07-24

    The snack attack, my favorite spy item in tf2, inspired by the expiration date short.

    de_dust_tf2 2022-07-24

    I've always thought de_dust 2's B site would be an interest place for a RED vs BLU fight. Pyro would be perfect for denying a push from tunnels. Maybe the sniper should be watching long on A site though... Oil Paint!