tf2 72 hr jam

  1. Nah__Ly

    72hr Jam 2023 "When it's been a long day, and some absolute joker hits you with the ol' 'you hard at work, or hard 1

    I call this piece: "When it's been a long day, and some absolute joker hits you with the ol' 'you hard at work, or hardly working ?!' line." :)) Made by "Nah__Ly" for TF2 72hr Jam 2023
  2. Padre Snowmizzle

    72hr Jam 2023 Broadcast (CP) 1.1.2

    Take the fight to TRN and claim those ad-ridden television screens! Teufort RED Network has been running a lot of annoying adverts over BLU's favorite shows, and you know the worst of it? That money could be going to BLU team right now! Bring your best coat hanger and hack into the RED TV...
  3. The Duck

    72hr Jam 2023 CTF_2COMPANY a1

    2Fort inspired ctf map made in around a day. 1 Above ground area, 1 underground area that connects both back parts of the bases with the flag in them, one middle area. Feedback is always appreciated

    72hr Jam 2023 Как шпион мамку скаута повстречал 1.0

    я не умею рисовать, да и в сюжет не умею даже, зато умею писать код для визуальных новелл) В этом году мою команду покинули все кроме меня и моего кента, который ничего не делал I don't know how to draw, and I don't even know how to plot, but I can write code for visual novels) This year...
  5. KaittyXZ

    72hr Jam 2023 demomann draserwing :D 16/09/2023

    demoman my beloved im gonna go play tf2, now scarm!!!!1111
  6. piss gaming

    72hr Jam 2023 Still Standing 2

    just a little sfm of most likely wounded soldier being in sniper's sightline
  7. x1pik

    72hr Jam 2023 Art 1

    bro 10/10 art good broooo
  8. MaxO'Bunn

    72hr Jam 2023 Soldier Draw! 2023-09-16

    A Soldier draw i made!
  9. Chicken little

    72hr Jam 2023 Heavy weapons guy 2023-09-15

    It was made with lego
  10. Mg3Ca(CO3)4

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Team Fortress 2 forever 2022-07-25

    Вчера данную работу почему-то не опубликовали . Я искренне извиняюсь, если на 10-30 мин позже опубликовал её! Но я старался и сделал в стилистике волосатых миньонов. Надеюсь, что второй раз работа опубликуется и будет медалька на память. Плюс вчера проблема с регистрацией была от чего вне сроков...
  11. Mg3Ca(CO3)4

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Very soon 15 years of the game! T T T TF2 !!! 2022-07-25

    Very soon 15 years of the TF2!!! Hairy TF2 minion style ! For #tf2jam 2022 ! Sorry for the slight delay. Hope for a commemorative medal! :333
  12. extra treeger (´ω`)

    72 hours tf2 jam

    I not found the forum where you need to uploud 72 jam matirials...
  13. SunnySideEggs

    Past 72hr Jam Entry koth_hydrostation 2022-07-25

    Small koth map made for the 22 Summer Jam Has bot support and a decent amount of details Hopefully it's also fun with other players. Changed the name from station to hydrostation because someone already used the name
  14. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Past 72hr Jam Entry The Manhunt (SFM Animation)

    A well-trained Soldier runs for his life. Sadly, I hit the cutoff of "time I'd need to render and upload it, so there is missing audio and particle effects, I simply couldn't find and add them in time. For once, the frame rate was intentional. The map is Cabin a1 by Erk. and is...not SFM...
  15. Durham.

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Pyro's Day Out!

    I completed this work in gmod today (25/07/2022) at around 15:00 as i have been suffering with Covid-19 for the past few days i had no chance to create something on the other 2 provided days.
  16. 2Suicides

    Past 72hr Jam Entry The Fifth Element 1

  17. Droxtan

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Sandwich island 2022-07-25

    Made by: Gibus bin: Mudlesmer: Droxtan:
  18. FoxTitle

    Past 72hr Jam Entry TF2 Summer Jam. Poster+model 1.0

    Also View: Poster by Model by Vector logo by
  19. FirstCool

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Spooky Deutchoween 2022-07-25

    Small artwor for the challenge Co-author:
  20. Mr.Raid

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Scout art 2022-07-25

    I hope you enjoy my art. <3