Tensai RC3

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Tensai RC3

Simple MvM map

A couple of months ago, I decided it was time to move on from mapping, it became too frustrating for me. Guess I was wrong about that. It's much more manageable if I map in very small quantities.

Anyways, Tensai, aka Horizon in English (I hope, maybe I should have gone for an English name). A simple two way MvM map, inspired by Teien, but hopefully distinctive enough to still have its own identity.

Only comes with 1 unnamed advanced mission for now. There might be more to come in the future, can't say for sure. It depends.

20191002171317_1.jpg 20191002171332_1.jpg 20191002171342_1.jpg 20191002171351_1.jpg 20191002171422_1.jpg 20191002171435_1.jpg 20191002171453_1.jpg 20191002171551_1.jpg
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. Workshop release!

    I forgot what I did precisely for RC3... But hey, workshop release is here. And don't mind the slight mistakes in the description, they have been fixed, they just await approval of a Steam moderator with the new system.
  2. Visuals and stuff

    Map changes include: -Areaportalseam in water is now way less obvious. -Changed the primary ground texture to something different to make botspawn less monotonous. -Removed a spectatorcamera. -Changed position of skycards in 3D skybox to make it...

Latest reviews

I played this during one of the community charity events and found it a great experience. It's cool to see new places in MVM, and there aren't many Japanese town maps, so a plus for something to stand out for. My favorite area must be the bomb hatch and the streets around it, I like how robots attack from two far reaching angles as they stomp down the streets.

One complaint could be that the beginning area felt static, I'm not a fan of Bigrock or Rottenburg robot spawns where there is no diverging path to begin with. This doesn't detract from the map really, it's more just taste and preference and what I like to see in map design. Overall, excellent level with fair pickup placements, bomb reset spot in the lake, and opportunities for different classes to find their place. Also makes a good reference for other mappers decorating Japanese maps.