MvM Snowfall

72hr MvM Snowfall RC2

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72hr MvM Snowfall RC2

An MvM map à la Mannworks style, located in a small town in France.

Submitted for the TF2 72 hour Winter Jam.

An MvM map located in a small French town. Plays very similair like Mannworks, 2 bomb and tank routes that cross eachother. Nothing really special about the map.

Works in its current state, needs the mission and navigation file in the dropbox link in order to work though.

Things I need to do after the Jam:
  • Polish the map.
  • Improve the performance.
  • Adding more details to empty spaces.
  • Lower the size of the map, since 133 mb is quite a lot.
  • Need to make my own mission(s) for it.
Custom assets and textures used in this map:
Frontline content pack.
20170213183020_1.jpg 20170213182943_1.jpg 20170213183000_1.jpg 20170213183029_1.jpg 20170213183041_1.jpg 20170213183047_1.jpg 20170213183057_1.jpg 20170213183110_1.jpg
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine
4.33 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. After a year

    So after more than a year of being neglected, I finally decided to fix some things. -I should have fixed giants getting stuck in the right spawn. -Upgrade station no longer breaks after wave failure. -Removed 3d skybox because it was just ugly...
  2. Out of beta

    Map changes: -Out of beta -Several optimization changes -Changed the 3D skybox a bit -Added some finishing touches here and there Still struggling to make a mission for it though. I'm currently out of inspiration.
  3. B2 update

    Things done: -Slight adjustments to the nav file to make bot navigation more smooth. -Slight adjustment to tank path. -Increased performance of the map. -Repacked the map, didn't have time for this during the jam. To do list: -Make my own...

Latest reviews

looks good but where are the files
Can't wait to see this finished!