Temper RC2-reupload

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Temper RC2-reupload

Made by DrLambda


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As of today (July 9th 2015), the version of koth_temper is Release Candidate 1. It's very likely that the only updates to this map from now on will be bugfixes.

Thanks go out to:
Everyone involved in the TF2Maps Construction pack
Everyone on TF2Maps for the oodles of tutorials and resources you can find here. I'm still overwhelmed.
A Boojum Snark for the Ultimate Mapping Resource pack
Void and Leminnes for some textures
[WW] SethG for custom [WW] Logos.
Ravidge for the colored metal materials
iiboharz for the TF2Maps Workshop ressources

Old post:
Hello everyone,

I'm DrLambda and this is my first TF2 map. Let me explain: Last time i've been mapping, the engine of choice was still GoldSrc, and even my most recent release is older than TF2. Recently, i got into TF2, and whenever i join a community, i try to find out how to add new stuff. I was really happy to find out that you still map for TF2 in Hammer, although not much of my wisdom was usable in the new context.
This map is my learning ground. I'm still pretty much learning the basics. Good usage of props, displacements and pretty much everything aside from brushwork, all while being overwhelmed by the options the engine gives you (And also the differences in development modes.)
Because i always need a good reason to make a map, this one was planned for a small LAN with friends, but after i continued to pour hours upon hours into the project, i really wanted to show off what i had to the rest of the world.
But be warned: The map is really small. Like REALLY small. We are going to play it with 6v6 max, and it shows. I tested with more players a few times, and slaughterfest is the best description for the gameplay in that case, although i removed a few obvious spam areas since then.

My plan is to actually finish this map before starting a "real" project, and i'd be happy if this map is seen by a few more people than the ones on my LAN party. I hope it shows that i'm not a lost case. Maybe it makes it easier to find help if i ever need it for my real maps. Maybe not, but who knows without trying, right?

Oh, the filesize is kinda big because i make extensive use of the Construction pack.
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