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Team-Colored Medieval Props HUD Medieval Scroll

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Updated the Medieval Scroll Flag
  • Made it more consistent with the briefcase flag model
    • RED scroll is skin 0
    • BLU scroll is skin 1
    • Neutral scroll is skin 2
  • Fixed physics collision model not being centered
  • Fixed scroll floating like 18 HU above the ground
    • Now spins gently on the ground
  • Removed unneeded duplicate of white scroll texture
  • Reduced file size of RED/BLU variants
  • Changed file path to models/props_medieval/flag_medieval_scroll/medieval_scroll_flag.mdl
- Updated collision box for Medieval Scroll (consistent with Intel flag now)
- Updated Furnace to glow (similar to Demo's pipe grenade glow)
- Updated Brazier to glow and is now more team-colored


(Particles not included)
  • Modified skin of wood stove to be more red/blue