Sweetwater Redux b2

Capture the other team's chocolate bars.

  1. Alpha 3

    Alpha 3 Changelog:
    - Redesigned the back layout of team bases to be less confusing and smaller in general
    - Changed the lower gorge layout and design
    - Moved bridge position slightly
    - Removed the vent exit outside the team bases
    - Added triggers to the deathpits to return intel if the carrier dies
    - Reduced light brightness in the vents
    - Added very minor detail props

    20170129010047_1.jpg 20170129010146_1.jpg 20170129010205_1.jpg 20170129010255_1.jpg ...
  2. Sweetwater Redux

    Alpha 2 Changelog:
    - Renamed map to Sweetwater Redux to avoid previous file conflicts
    - Narrowed the middle of the map and moved bases closer
    - Added some more cover on each side around the gorge
    - Made the vents wider and easier to enter/exit
    - Made it easier for all classes to access the outer vent exit
    - Added ramps up from the lower area of the canyon to the upper
    - Blocked off an unused route in the bases to see how it plays
    - Added a ramp up from the flowing water...