Sunshine rc9

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Sunshine rc9

A unique competitive 5cp map.

Head over to this map's page for downloads and mirrors!


A 5cp map that uses a simple but effective layout to encourage fluid pushing and quick fights between points.

As played in:
Multiplay's Insomnia55 TF2 LAN
ESEA 6v6
ETF2L 6v6
ETF2L Highlander
UGC 6v6
UGC Highlander
OzFortress 6v6

Thanks to:
JoshuaC for the round metal stair model on second.
The Bulletcrops Project for window models and various textures.
Honeymustard for the BLU rocket models., ESEA, UGC, and ETF2L for testing.
Freyja for ultrawide screenshots.
Smyther for excellent feedback and theory-crafting.
Nightwatch for feedback and encouragement.
Tyler for clipping and general feedback.
Freyja for visual feedback
iiboharz for encouragement.
Valeria for testing.
Badlands for its "open choke" ideas.
Super Mario for the name.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. SUNSHINE RC9 - essentially final

    • reduced file size drastically (repacking!) • increased performance, optimization, and FPS across the map • can't stand on wooden palette on last to see over boxes into lobby anymore • clipping on structure behind last point refined • aligned...

Latest reviews

I've played this map quite a few times, and I have to say that it's the only 5CP map I find myself really having fun on. Each point feels unique and fun to fight around. Overall, very fun map and one I recommend people play
the map has the award of most balanced 5cp map along with 5gorge
Wait, you made this map? It is amazing! Good Job.
It is good
Good map to play on, Tho would really appreciate the same quality and detail there is in mid across the whole map.
The coolness of this map has inspired me to make my own 5cp map. What could be a better proof of excellence of your job?
the best 5cp map in 6v6 rotation. hardly any stalemates and every class is useful somewhere.
A ton of fun in pubs and in 6v6 with a very unique feel and look. Definitely would recommend playing.
Plays well, looks great, and is actually enjoyable in a pub setting, unlike most 5cp maps.